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Mind Affliction - Pathetic Humanity 2013

Mind Affliction - Pathetic Humanity
Metal Scrap Records CD 2013

01 Intro 01:16      
02 Human Centipede 06:52      
03 Mental 05:16      
04 Vishe I 06:01      
05 Druga strona umyslu 05:14      
06 Vishe II 06:23      
07 Lithium 09:01

Dawid Adamus - Drums
Kamil Poreba - Guitars
Krzysztof Chomicki - Vocals, Bass
Dariusz Zabrzenski - Vocals, Guitars

Awalnya hanya cuman membaca Statement mereka tentang album ini " Pathetic Humanity' tells the story of human depravity and perversion. The record features mixed styles ranging from black metal to technical death, often filled with harmonics and even some doom metal elements. Two vocals together with two unique guitars tuned all the way down to C, all accompanied by brutal blast beats on drums, create an eerie, sometimes psychedelic, yet soothing atmosphere. " cukup menjadi Modal mencoba nyali gw menikmati Album Gress milik Band Black/Death Asal Cracow, Polandia bentukan tahun 2009 yang menjadi awal side Project band grindcore/porngrind, Anus Cancer. bagaimana Karakteristik Hitam black metal coba dikombinasikan kembali dengan balutan sentuhan yang begitu dinamis membangun aransemen musik yang bagus dengan 2 Karakter vokal Growl dan Middle Scream yang saling bersahutan. 6 lagu yang kental aroma Black Metal, Death Metal serta gaya Doom metal begitu nyaring terasa disetiap pukulannya. Hentakan Drum yang mantap dideru sound yang lebih bergaya Swedish Sound in The Vein Entombed, Afflicted dan Dismember lama ini cukup mencakar telinga gw dengan alunan sound yang terdengar lumayan Raw. Meskipun tidak ada yang begitu baru yang mereka tawarkan di full album pertamanya " Pathetic Humanity " tetap siap memenuhi Koleksi Kelam Black/Death Metal Kalian. The superficial uniformity of a society which unifies itself only through and for appearance, rather than for the purposes of logicality and harmony, is often contrasted by the band with pagan mythology, esoteric spirituality, and reverence of nature as a way to express through comparison the difference between opposed perspectives. Its spirit reflects the glory of dawn and the mystery of twilight, as the rising and setting sun commenting on the events to come and those that have passed. Chaotic yet purposeful, overflowing with inspiration, vision, imagination, exploding with creativity and power. Somehow this gifted band managed to become lost in the sea of Swedish death metal bands of the time, but they had a lot more to say, and much fresher and more interesting ways to say it, than most of their regional competition. Arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! ( Screammminggg !! )

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