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Nothingness - Inhuman Art 2013

Nothingness - Inhuman Art
Ablaze Productions CD 2013

01 Forged In Battle 04:16      
02 Sounds Of War 03:40      
03 The Eye Of Storm     03:33      
04 Swallow Your Soul 03:42      
05 The Reason 05:03      
06 Stream Of Consciousness 05:18      
07 Greed 03:19      
08 300 Lights 02:45      
09 Screaming The Pain 03:17      
10 Inhuman Art 04:09

Erandy Resendez - Bass
Uriel Gutierrez - Drums
Jonathan - Guitars
Humberto Valverde - Guitars, Vocals

Perkembangan Death Metal Mexico Scene memang bener2 Semakin pesat saja, setiap hari Gw selalu ditemukan Stuff2 Death Metal berbahaya dari Negeri ini, saatnya gw kenalkan 1 band Brutal Death Metal bagus lagi pada ancaman album full ke-2 mereka " Inhuman Art ", Komposisi Brutal Death Metal yang kental dengan sentuhan Swedish Gothenburg sound in the vein Entombed lama, Carnage hingga Dismember banget ! dengan typical bermain yang mengingatkan gw dengan band2 Brutal Daratan Polandia Scene, Nothingness memang menyuguhkan permainan yang Rapat ciamik lebih matang banget dari materi sebelumnya. This most definitely is Extreme death metal, without a doubt: all the basics are present in abundance, the blasting drumming, crushing guitars and growled, powerful vocals. But there is a straightforward and formulaic element at work here that makes ‘Necropolis’ sound almost easy listening, which I am not sure is reassuring or a little weird, as it is after all coming from a genre that prides itself on extremity. talenta band ini memang diatas rata2 sejak terbentuk tahun 2003, Nothingness sudah mengawal beberapa Penampilan band populer discene-nya. Materi kali ini yang dimulai dengan " Forged In Battle " diawali dengan sebuah Intro lagu selama 01:15 yang kemudian Hempasan Blastbeat seketika memecah suasana hening menjadi Kiamat bagi pendengarnya ! memang sangat mengingatkan banget dengan karakteristik Vader banget ! more than just a band, they’re a death metal institution. Defiant longevity, quality songwriting and an unwillingness to bend or break in the face of multitudes of obstacles and naysayers has secured them a throne amongst the unhallowed halls of the death metal elite, sitting atop the broken bones and shredded carcasses of a zillion lesser bands. Hentakan Blastbeat cepat memang menjadi Part yang dominan menciptakan elemen Brutality style band, raungan High Growling Frontman Gitaris Vokalis Humberto seperti emosional menghantam setiap yang Humberto temuin terhadap kebencian Perang dan Kematian. vocal that sounds as if he’s gargled with glass shards while swilling beers in a darkened room. Dark Harmonize Distortion Sound dengan paduan Hyperblast memang menjadi Aransemen musik yang super kejam ! " Sounds Of War " seperti menjadi gencatan tanpa ampun melakukan pembantaian selanjutnya. selflessly, affords us brief glimpses into its collective psyche and takes us deep into the caverns of strife that each of us carries inside. The attentive riffs, the brutal and intentional barking vocal and the intelligent, yet sardonically sadistic lyrical content afford us a fantastical and realistic look inside the fascinating world of death and arduous life experiences we can’t ignore or escape short of the former’s illustrious grip. The causal derivative here between the Vader fan and the band is a perfect marriage because we expect the band to take us to places we fear and loathe, and the band leads us there with no hope or promise of peace afterward. 10 Track berdurasi sekitar 39 menit memang siap akan mencincang biji peler elo dengan sajian dominan super ngebutnya. Fans Vader era " Litany " dengan karakteristik Swedish Death Metal sound yang Intens, siap menjadi sajian pagi kalian menjadi lebih hangat dengan ledakan dasyat Hyperblast beat ! The only way they coulda made that sound is if they hired Godzilla to drum for them using a drumkit made outta adamantium and they recorded it on the fucking MOON! It's that damn beefy. That is cool by itself but the riffing is just as great! They typically whip up whirlwinds of violent yet melodic tremolo in addition to the requisite palm muting and crushing European style power chords. Whiplash inducing so you might want to strap yourself down before hitting the play button. The songs are broken up well without letting them breathe TOO much, of course. Assault is the name of the game here. It's been my feeling that music represents some sort of movement in it's rhythms. This would represent bashing your head into a cement wall very rapidly. And it feels's metal. Metal with POUNDING FACEFUCKING FLINTSTONE RHYTHMS OF DEATH. I couldn't hold that in any longer and it's important to know !!!

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