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SAVING GRACE siap rilis Album baru " The Urgency " pada Januari 2014

New Zealand's brutal metallic hardcore SAVING GRACE akan merilis full album ke-4 nya " The Urgency " pada 21 Januari 2014 via  Facedown Records. materinya sendiri digarap di Parachute Studios di Auckland bareng produser Zack Ohren (ALL SHALL PERISH, CARNIFEX, THE GHOST INSIDE, FIRST BLOOD). dan materi ini dikomentari mereka sebagai " the band's most raw and aggressive effort to date and sees a return to earlier roots of their original sound which is heavily influenced by traditional European metalcore and mixed with stylings of American hardcore and death metal." dan Pengerjaan Kovernya dikerjakan oleh seniman asal U.K, Colin Marks (WHITECHAPEL, IMPENDING DOOM, OCEANO, ALL SHALL PERISH).

Kemudian lead guitarist dan frontman Vasely Sapunov: " With each new album, we only ever have one goal and that is to create music which is harder, heavier, darker and more aurally disgusting than the previous and this is by far the darkest and most pissed off record we have ever created. "

"You will never hear anything like clean singing, trendy down-tuned guitars or a more commercially friendly approach from SAVING GRACE and that is a promise. We will continue to push the boundaries of how we define 'heavy' and that's by crafting the most aggressive music that we are capable of and filling it with sincere, passionate and truthful lyrics.

"On this record, you can expect to hear the classic sound of SAVING GRACE, but taken to the absolute extreme with all of our early musical influences dissected to create the ultimate blend of metallic hardcore.

"We wear our combined influences proudly on our sleeve from classics like SLAYER, REPRISAL, EARTH CRISIS, PANTERA and ARKANGEL to bands like MARTYR AD and SLIPKNOT all the way through to death metal acts that we grew up listening to like MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION and DECAPITATED."

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