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Waking the Cadaver - Real-life Death 2013

Waking the Cadaver - Real-life Death
Amputated Vein Records CD 2013

01 Insult to Injury 04:03      
02 Money Power Death 03:29      
03 Business as Usual 03:56      
04 Lumped Up 03:35    
05 Physical Contract 03:02    
06 Molested to Death 02:52      
07 Snapped in Half 03:22      
08 Life Lesson 04:46

Don Campan - Vocals
Dennis Morgan - Drums
Alex Sarnecki - Bass
Mike Mayo - Guitar
John Hartman- Guitar

The original Slamming Gore Groove from New Jersey HAS BACK AAARGGHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sebuah Album Slamming Groove ciamik yang menjadi salah satu Waiting list Gw setelah Album " Beyond Cops. Beyond God " sangat menyita Konsentrasi Gw sebelumnya, " Real-life Death " ini bakalan siap menanamkan Adrenalin yang membakar kembali buat gw semangat, Yeachhh !!! menambah suntikan formasi dengan kehadiran Gitaris Berbakat New York, John Hartman-nya Mortal Decay, Waking The Cadaver semakin matang melancarkan agresi Slamming Groovy mantapnya ! well ini seperti pertemuan sangar antara Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding dengan hentakan mantap Band2 Deathcore yang kaya ketukan Breakdown-nya ! However, the vocal style from the first album has not completely disappeared as the "wet" sounding inhales and pig squeals are still used in moderation. This is definite improvement as the vocal patterns used are more defined and powerful, in my opinion and This approach seems to have been forgotten completely. Most of the guitar work here changes between fast tremolo and mid-tempo riffs, however the breakdowns ("slams", if you will) are still here, but there are riffs leading up to them and after them. This makes the "slams" more effective overall because the listener is actually treated to a build up to these sections. Karakter Vokalis Don Campan memang lebih powerfully abis dengan perpaduan karakter-nya John Gallagher-nya DF dengan Travis Ryan-nya Cattle Decapitated, has dropped most of the "Bree Bree SHREDDED WHEAT"-style inhales for a low guttural grunt sounding ... Awesome !!! .... " Insult to Injury " tanpa Basa basi langsung menerjang menyerang dengan Intensitas Blastbeat yang rapat yang kemudian Slamming Groovy serta Breakdown-nya tetap menjadi Ornamen Progress penting seakan menjadi Ritual Khas berikutnya. That brings me to the flaws with this album. As I just stated, the bass is completely silent and this band/album would be greatly improved in my opinion if there was a nice clunky-sounding bass YOU COULD HEAR underneath the guitars. A further problem is with the songwriting; it is fairly unmemorable !!! Mungkin sentuhan album " Beyond Cops. Beyond God " bagi kebanyakan pengamat lebih Bergaya Modern dengan sentuhan Kuat Deathcore Style, namun Tidak untuk " Real-life Death " ini, Waking The Cadaver is Back Original Death Metal banget walo masih menanamkan beberapa sentuhan Typical Modern-nya. " Money Power Death " lebih liar mencakar sejak pada ketukan part awalnya. meskipun melancarkan agresi beberapa Blastbeat, komposisi Slam Breakdown tetap menjadi Trademark band, So let's Go Headbang !!! Lagi2  low guttural grunt menjadi Perhatian Penuh gw.... " Business as Usual " riffing yang menarik untuk kita selalu tetap terjaga dalam luapan emosi berhead bang ria ! Very occassionally he will perform a higher pitched grunt that sounds suspiciously like a pig squeal, but it actually sounds decent as opposed to the irritated BREE BREE SHREDDED WHEAT he was doing before, and they're used very rarely, so it shouldn't bother you if you don't mind pig squeals used in moderation. " Lumped Up " nice tracking keep blow up The Slampit Area !! memang dikala Gw sedang merasakan Muak ingin muntah dengan Kemasan Slamming Death Metal band yang sudah ada, suguhan Slamming Groovy Band ini jelas menjadi salah satu sikap Kuat gw dalam Menjadi Death metal Diehard selama ini. 8 track berdurasi Setengah jam-an ini gw yakin en rekomendasikan buat kalian yang begitu memahami arti bermusik yang lebih bagus daripada asal berteriak, petik atau Pukul, karena bagi gw (lagi) bahasa bermusik memang tidak dapat menipu perasaan pendengarnya sendiri. Informasinya sebelum dirilis dalam format Fisik oleh Label Brutal asal Jepang, Amputated Veins Records, Waking The Cadaver lebih dulu merilisnya dalam format digital dan sold out saat penampilan mereka di Bulan Oktober ini, sehingga Pihak Amputated Veins menjadi Partner baru band untuk merilisnya dalam format Fisik. Ultimately, much like a number of their deathcore cohorts, this is a band that is pretty slow on the uptake and will probably need another album or two to really get this right. Essentially what we are witnessing here is the death of deathcore, as each one of these bands decides to revert back to a formula that can at least work on a generic level, and speaking for myself, it can’t come quickly enough. Even though one is practically a scholar in comparison to its counterpart, both are unmitigatedly, unconditionally, unbelievably stupid, with an unctuous smugness about it to boot. which actually sounds on time now. Not that that album's sloppy, grindcore-esque drumming didn't have a sort of low brow panache to it, but it's so much more respectable here. Maybe they'll take their thuggery to outer space next. Yeah... space slam. Why not? If anyone could pull off such a stupid idea, it's the one band that clearly doesn't give a fuck about degrading themselves for my amusement. BUY OR DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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