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MESHUGGAH Garap album baru ???

MESHUGGAH Garap album baru ???

Swedish Extreme/Progressive Metal veterans MESHUGGAH dikhabarkan tengah mempersiapkan album barunya setelah melepas materi terakhirnya " Koloss " pada tahun 2012 lalu EP " Pitch Black ", dan Video " The Ophidian Trek " tahun 2014. penantian panjang melelahkan yang akan segera mereka bayar dengan Kejutan Intens.

" So, there you have it. Drum tracking is typically the first stage of recording, meaning the band still has a whole lot of work to do. A fall 2016 is probably the earliest we’ll realistically hear the results of Meshuggah’s labor. But, all the above said, I’m still pretty damn excited - new Meshuggah! Koloss, which came out in 2012, was a beast of a record, and most importantly it saw the band pushing new ground instead of just re-hashing. Let’s hope they do so again. "

Jens Kidman - Guitars
Fredrik Thordendal - Guitars, Vocals    
Tomas Haake - Drums, Vocals
Mårten Hagström - Guitars, Vocals
Dick Lövgren - Bass 

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