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Tamparan Keras Gress Nanti dari BLACK CROWN INITIATE lewat " Selves We Cannot Forgive "

Tamparan Keras Gress Nanti dari BLACK CROWN INITIATE lewat " Selves We Cannot Forgive "

Memberikan Keterangan Resminya, Pennsylvania Progressive Death Metal Enthusiasts, BLACK CROWN INITIATE mengabarkan Album terbaru setelah memukau dengan Album pertama " The Wreckage of Stars ", Album full ke-2 yang membawa Titel " Selves We Cannot Forgive " dan Jadwal rilis telah ditentukan pada 22 Juli 2016 Via Entertainment One Music (eOne). dengan Menghadirkan Cover Art Garapan Seniman Travis Smith (Opeth, Devin Townsend, Avenged Sevenfold). Sementara Proses pengerjaan materi-nya sendiri dikerjakan bersama Carson Slovak dan Grant McFarland (August Burns Red, Texas In July, From Ashes To New) di Atrium Audio Recording Studio, Lancaster PA.

" Selves We Can Not Forgive, the band's sophomore album with Entertainment One, is a lean and focused collection that jettisons the extraneous fat found too often within ambitious metal bands, striking a balance between fearless adventurousness and methodical might. It follows The Wreckage of Stars, which together with their self-financed Song of the Crippled Bull EP introduced Black Crown Initiate's unapologetic exploration of everything from Friedrich Nietzsche and Greek Sophist Gorgias to Hinduism, Buddhism, and indigenous mysticism, with a pragmatic skepticism. "

" Selves We Cannot Forgive " Track List :

01. For Red Cloud
02. Sorrowpsalm
03. Again
04. Belie The Machine
05. Selves We Cannot Forgive
06. Transmit To Disconnect
07. Matriarch
08. Vicious Lives

  • Nick "Bass" Shaw - Bass (ex-Nightfire)   
  • Jesse Beahler - Drums (Fraud, Nightfire, ex-Versus the Undead, ex-Her Virgin Womb, Antikythera, ex-Jungle Rot, ex-Rings of Saturn, ex-Abigail Williams (live), ex-Thy Art Is Murder (live), ex-Shadows in the Crypt)   
  • Rik Stelzpflug - Guitars, Vocals (Nightfire)
  • Andy Thomas - Guitars, Vocals (ex-Nightfire)   
  • James Dorton - Vocals (Hunter's Ground, Nightfire, ex-Her Virgin Womb, Antikythera, ex-Aborted Existence, ex-Shadows in the Crypt (live) 

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