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Ex. Member Visceral Bleeding dan Entrails Kibarkan Komando Death Metal baru mengerikan di NECROPHAGOUS !

Ex. Member Visceral Bleeding dan Entrails Kibarkan Komando Death Metal baru mengerikan di NECROPHAGOUS !

Tommy Carlsson (Visceral Bleeding, ex-Entrails), Jocke Svensson (ex-Entrails) dan Martin Michaelsson (ex-Entrails) mengkonfirmasi band bentukan barunya NECROPHAGOUS siap memuntahkan sperma Brutal pertamanya " In Chaos Ascend " via Transcending Obscurity Records pada 7 Januari 2022. mengusung konsep yang engga jauh dari almamater pertamanya, Death metal agresif yang merupakan perpaduan antara Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, Deicide, Replicant, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, juga Revulsion. 

Track listing

01. The Binding
02. Order Of The Lion
03. At Dawn Thee Immolate
04. Traitors And The Pendulum
05. In Chaos, Ascend
06. Wolf Mother
07. Blood On The Stone Of Thee Monuments
08. The Vile Embalmed
09. The Plague And The Arts
10. Horns Of Seven
11. Wreaker of Pain

The amalgamation of the distinct two styles is thorough and highly potent. There's always powerful riffing forming the trajectory for the songs which are punctuated by staggering breakdowns and intermittent stop-start parts that seize the momentum and release it with magnified force while keeping up the intensity level throughout. The thick, hoarse vocals add a layer of menace over the proceedings which refuse to relent, as you sink deeper into their carefully laid quagmire of insanely catchy music with all the right elements. " In Chaos Ascend " is a well-rounded, fulfilling and highly addictive debut from a lineup having all the experience to pull it off with aplomb and make it an unforgettable affair too.

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