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Exhumed - Necrocracy 2013

Exhumed - Necrocracy
Relapse Records CD 2013!/exhumedofficial

01 Coins upon the Eyes 04:01    
02 The Shape of Deaths to Come 04:40    
03 Necrocracy 04:25    
04 Dysmorphic 04:36    
05 Sickened 03:58    
06 (So Passes) The Glory of Death 04:05      
07 Ravening 03:58    
08 The Carrion Call 03:48    
09 The Rotting 04:51

Rob Babcock - Bass, Backing Vocals
Matt Harvey - Vocals, Guitars
Bud Burke - Vocals, Guitars
Mike Hamilton - Drums

GOREFUCKINGMETAL ARE BACK !!! I do wish they were a little more ghastly and off the meathook, there are points where the syllabic carnage feels too controlled, but when you consider all the vocalists are also playing instruments, they're more than functional and retain their classic personality. Terhitung sebagai band produktif sepanjang karirnya dengan puluhan rilisan sejak terbentuk tahun 1990 di San Jose, California telah begitu signifikan mengalami evolusi konsep bermusiknya. menjadi salah satu band terbesar dan " Anak Emas " di Roster Relapse Records, band pimpinan Vokalis/Gitaris, Matt Harvey, satu2nya member yang masih tersisa dalam tubuh band ini. memiliki konsep sebagai perpanjangan tangan In The Vein gaya Carcass Era " Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious " yang memang juga mengingatkan juga dengan konsep yang dimainkan oleh band Goremetal asal Oakland, California, Impaled. Exhumed aren't quite so savage and go-for-the-throat as you might have recalled from Gore Metal or the superb Slaughtercult, but I think it's simply that, with experience, they've gone out for a more controlled production environment where the riffs aren't so blocky and overpowering, and the more carefully detailed leads (almost all of which are great here) definitely hearken, a volley of tightly knit, thrashing death & grind which honors the Carcass legacy with a jubilant, blood-dripping rhythmic cleaver. dan menjadi spesial kali ini adalah penampilan drummer Powerfully sadis, Mike Hamilton-nya Deeds Of Flesh kali ini ikut formasi menggarap kali ini lumayan bikin " Fresh " hiburan buat Mike untuk ga selalu didoktrin dengan part2 yang mega blaster-nya hehehe, Mike terhitung bergabung dengan band ini sejak tahun 2011 menggantikan drummer sebelumnya, Danny Walker yang terakhir memperkuat sejak album Terakhir " All Guts, No Glory " tahun 2011. pukulan Drum Mike tetap powerfully menghajar setiap lekuk aransemen musiknya yang masih Liar menghajar ini. While the former spewed unrelenting gore and brutally heavy deathgrind, 'Necrocracy' takes a more mature road. The grindcore influence seemed to have evaporated from the band's music, as they deliver a more straight up Death Metal record with this one. Duet Multiple 3 Vokalis yang saling bersahutan masih menjadi fenomena Typical band yang tetap dipertahankan sebagai Trademark. dan konsep bermusiknya sendiri terasa banget sentuhan kental ala band2 Crusty grind dengan Beat bastard Anarcho Punk-nya. Harmozing serta Raw Rythym menjadi suguhan dominan disertai dengan Balutan Solo Gitar Cantik dan Melodius bertebaran dimana mana. Early Earache releases, Crossover, German, Canadian and Bay Area Thrash Metal, Swedish and Floridian Death Metal 1985-1993. Crust, 70s Metal, NWOBHM, Powerviolence, Grindcore, The songs do not attempt to be brutal and the focus here is merely upon song writing. Nonetheless, a certain amount of brutality is evoked by the riffs. The guitar solos are something worth a million repeated listens. A fact that every song contains such a solo, should speak much for the amount of talented musicianship on this record. 9 lagu berdarah dengan kemasan liar jahanam siap menggiling Biji peler elo hingga total durasi 38:22. The death metal veterans' grindy, thrashy, high-speed death metal is neither trend nor anti-trend. They're just doing what they do, and doing it well. The modern production probably isn't considered cool today. The straight-forward songs have neither technical wizardry nor atmospheric oppressiveness. It's just pure metal made by people who obviously love what they're doing, and don't take themselves too seriously. Metal could use more of that, especially when it's as catchy as this.

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