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Hrust Kostilyo - Undisputed Sovereignty EP 2013

Hrust Kostilyo - Undisputed Sovereignty
Eclectic Productions EP 2013

01 Intro 00:36      
02 The Catastrophe of the Inner Worlds 01:06      
03 The Global Nature of the Project "D.E.C.E.P.T.I.O.N." 01:05      
04 Ordered Accomplishment 01:10      
05 Undisputed Sovereignty 00:51      
06 With Paraffin Instead of the Eyes 00:58      
07 Champion's Return to Congo 01:06      
08 Colonial Virus 01:27      
09 The Sphere Consisting of the Unborns 00:52      
10The Legalization of Criminal Money or the School of Mass Murder 01:15      
11 Gastarbeiter Libido 01:08      
12 Marriage of the Embalmed 01:00

Evgeniy Pankov - bass
Evgeniy Dyakin - guitar
Timofey Dyakin - drums
Nikolay Valyukevich - vocals

Funny Grinding Just looking at the majority of the riffs, instead of punk-ish, chromatic frenzies, we get a dissonant mish-mash of Old Napalm Death, Eyehategod, Melvins, and whatever stew of post-hardcore these guys were jamming to in the 90's. There is no doubt that this man can whip out manic blastbeated rhythms like any other drummer worth his death metal or grindcore salt, but his real talent lies in complementing the chaotic sound with a controlled assault on the cymbals. He doesn’t bang on them with rampant abandon ! kebanyakan band2 dengan Imej dan Attitude Humor memang kerap menyisakan kesan justru lebih sadis dari Imej-nya. seperti band asal Kursk, Russia ini didebut pertamanya masih mencoba menawarkan komposisi musik Grinding Bombastic dengan sentuhan kental Element Death Metal. Typical Deep Grunted Growling-nya cukup merobek robek Gendang telinga gw, apalagi gempuran variatif grinding snare-nya juga bikin ciut nyali, hentakan Fast Snare kerap dipadukan dengan Slam Groovy Ciamik ala New York Death Metal In The Vein Dying Fetus banget hehehe ... on the former is as excellent as it is unexpected, and the opening riff to the title track is one of the most evil, sinister riffs I've ever heard. Put simply, there is not a bad song on here, every track different and serving its own purpose to the greater whole. nikmati 11 Track sentuhan menghancurkan ala mereka ini lumayan mengusir perasaan galau hehehe .... seldom strays from the straightforward-in-theory-yet-insanely-difficult-in-practice syncopated blast, the drumbeat that, more than any other stylistic element defines the genre.

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