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Nexhymn - Black Horizon EP 2012

Nexhymn - Black Horizon
Self Released EP 2012

01 Decaying Monument 04:55    
02 Undetermined Supplication 04:57    
03 Repacious Temptest 04:18    
04 Black Horizon 03:22    
05 Exquisite Plague 03:27    
06 Death Emotion 01:50

Tyler Cantrell - Bass
Pete Gonzales - Drums
Ivan Alcala - Guitars
Rudy Hernandez - Guitars
Holly Wedel - Vocals

Pure straightforward death metal Uncompromising intensity and vigor here. The vocals go along well with the guitar. Everything fits together in unison. Most of the riffs here are tremolo picked guitars with a few chord outputs. Mainly blast beating songs with little let up on intensity !!! menjadi sesuatu yang menarik untuk sebuah Band Death Metal yang menampilkan Female fronted-nya, seperti band Brutal Death asal DenverColorado yang eksis sejak 2010 setelah merubah namanya 2x sebagai Throat Culture dan Throcult ini menampilkan Holly Wedel sebagai Perempuan yang menggeram dibarisan terdepan band. dengan pengaruh kuat Karakter Cannibal Corpse, Aborted, Decapitated, Incantation serta Krisiun ini sangat terasakan banget di 6 track yang terkandung dalam Mini EP pertama mereka yang direkam bersama enjiner Jeff Alexis, bassis band Silencer di Firestorm Studio, membuat Hentakan awal band ini makin runcing bertaring !! dengan Low Growl Powerfully Holly Wedel menambah kelam nuansa Nexhymn diriuh gemuruh gempuran musik yang serba menderu. perpaduan Konsep Old School dan New School Death Metal amat begitu terasakan hampir disetiap Lick Komposisinya. pengaruh Gaya Riffing dan Drumming cepatnya merupakan sentuhan silang antara Cannibal Corpse serta Gaya lama Decapitated sekali. Aside form this, the songs aren’t cookie cutter. Blessed will tear you a new one with it’s furious speed and the final riff is one of the fastest and most frantic on the album, and the very next song, “The First Damned,” starts off with a mid paced riff and never quite gets the intensity up to 100%. The songwriting here isn’t overly complex or virtuosic, it’s simply enough to weave together the many riffs, bridges and solos into distinct songs. Unfortunately they don’t display the variability of the guitar or drums that keep away the monotony but what Sauron does he’s very, very good at. His hellish bellows and gurgles are as deep as you’ve ever heard and, though lyrics are basically indecipherable, he’s able to enunciate quite well. He toes the line to complete, indistinguishable mush without ever crossing it. His most significant contribution is to the feel and atmosphere of the album. His incredibly low growls are a bit of a contrast to the jagged, metallic guitar tone and give the songs an incredibly dark and evil tone. He’s so low he really almost serves as the bass, which is basically inaudible. memang hampir 6 lagunya mengalami persamaan Komposisi, cukup menarik dengan segala Dentuman Part musik yang cepat, walau kadang bagi gw kurang memiliki Greget yang menonjok sehingga cuman biasa saja yang ditampilkan oleh band ini. dan Produksi Sound yang Bagus cukup mengangkat citarasa band ini sebagai band yang bagus. The guitar creates a palpable surge of energy and when coupled with the drums feels at times like at a real concert. This release truly captures what every heavy metal release strives for, the feel that one is in the front row at a concert. The technical riffs are also very entertaining as one can hear at least two new riffs each time one listens to the disc. YOU KEEP MUST TRY IT TO PUNCH HEAD !!!!

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