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Puke - Perversions of the Elderly 2013

Puke - Perversions of the Elderly
Self Released CD 2013!/PUKEofficial

01 I Gave Knifes to an Epileptic Retard 02:08      
02 Douchebag Barbecue 03:09      
03 Craigslist Killer 02:54      
04 Humiliate the Suffering 04:57      
05 Vicious Rampage 03:02      
06 C.M.P. cover 00:22      
07 I Sell Fake Crack to Grindcore Bands (Anal Cunt Tribute) 01:25      
08 Ron Jeremy Deepthroated My Epileptic Grandma 00:56      
09 Raped by the Obamas 03:53

James Ponder - Bass
Nick Johnson - Drums
Billy Lynn - Guitars
Chris Waters - Vocals

Holy Punishing Ass Brutal Death Metal with Guttural gurgling Awesome !!! Buat kalian yang demen dengan gaya Guttural Vokal Dasyat melalui Siksaan Brutal Beat yang Mengerikan, Gw rekomendasikan untuk mencoba sajian Menjijikan band Brutal Death Metal Biadab asal Chattanooga, Tennessee yang mulai terbentuk sejak 2012 oleh Mantan member band Brutal Cranial Impalement, Coathanger Abortion dan Quietus ini menawarkan Suara Kerongkongan Membusuk yang benar2 Jahanam, seperti mendengarkan " Cranial Impalement " atau " She Lay Gutted " nya Disgorge, bagaiman Karakter Guttural Gurgling Awesome Vokalis Chris Waters akan mendapat salut dari Matti way hehehe ... " I Gave Knifes to an Epileptic Retard " langsung merobek dan ingin meremukkan Biji peler elo. it's a crushing half time chug-a-thon that mounts up tension before some ridiculously fast section comes in or the band developing a song off a huge mid paced riff, all this grand, brutal stuff just keeps flowing, keeps you interested and never becomes a bit too hypnotic/monotone. Just a bunch of really sick riffs crunching away, keeping you guessing, keeping your neck sore. It's tight and wouldn't be easy stuff to play but it never sounds technical. The vocalist is definitely not singing words but it works man, it sounds really intense. It's low without being so guttural that it loses power! The bass is audible !!! cuman Permainan Drummer Nick Johnson terlalu Konsentrasi pada Hentakan Twin pedal Triggering-nya sehingga bagi Gw kurang menciptakan Aransemen drum yang variatif dan lebih terkesan memainkan beat style yang monoton. 4 notorious backwoods butchers from a comprised family of disturbed and deformed individuals set out to plunder into demolition by unleshing the musical tones of debauchery upon the human rase we know today and colabarating the skewed and brutal intensions of the baby rapers they are known for..those who speak of what they saw at puke shows will be legendary even in hell ... Pertarungan Konsep hebat antara Waco Jesus, Lividity, To Violently Vomit,Cranial Impalement, Disgorge, serta Kraanium memang begitu lekat terasa, bahkan terkadang sekilas musikalitas band ini seperti kebanyakan band Cyber Goregrind saja. sehingga buat kalian yang lebih tergila gila dengan karakter Vokal Guttural yang mendominasi hampir setiap Aransemen, Gw tetap menyarankan untuk cicipi Band yang Gokill satu ini dalam 9 Track Goddamnit !! Apalagi Booklet Art cover rilisan ini dipenuhi dengan gambar2 yang Bikin Perut Gw Mual !! I think that the perception of spontaneity (This is far from actually random in structure) takes itself from the fact these songs aren’t so much based on the archetypal structures of pop music, but rather a two to three minute exposition of riffs that develop on a certain theme or feel, with some rare moments of repetition. That’s not completely uncommon in death metal music, but I get the feeling it’s taken to the extreme here. Compounded with an inhospitable production job, indecipherable gurgles from hell.. UUURGGGHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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