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Cannibal Corpse - The Bleeding 1994

Cannibal Corpse - The Bleeding
Metal Blade Records 1994

01 Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead 03:30      
02 Fucked with a Knife 02:15      
03 Stripped, Raped and Strangled 03:27      
04 Pulverized 03:35      
05 Return to Flesh 04:21    
06 The Pick-Axe Murders 03:03      
07 She Was Asking for It 04:33      
08 The Bleeding 04:20      
09 Force Fed Broken Glass 05:02    
10 An Experiment in Homicide 02:36

Chris Barnes - Vocals
Paul Mazurkiewicz - Drums
Alex Webster - Bass
Rob Barrett - Guitars
Jack Owen - Guitars    

Salah Satu Figur Penting Perkembangan Death Metal Movement Masih dipegang Kuat oleh Karisma the Mighty CANNIBAL CORPSE ! Icon Penting Death Metal band asli Buffalo, New York yang eksis sejak tahun 1988, telah mencatat sejarah penting lewat 4 album Pertamanya masih dengan Formasi terbaik sepanjang karir band dan mungkin album Ke-4 " The Bleeding " ini menjadi Karya Memorable bagi CC bersama Vokalis Karismatik, Chris Barnes yang memutuskan Cabut pasca Rilis album ini dan karena adanya problem Intern seperti member CC lain merasa kurang Sreg dengan Sosok Chris Sendiri yang kurang memiliki Aksi Panggung enerjik sebagai Frontman terdepan band dan akhirnya Chris pun membangun band lain sebagai Six Feet Under ! dan memang oleh Banyak kalangan dan Metalfans Diehard CC tetap mengakui 4 Album pertama CC adalah yang terbaik dalam Sejarah Death Metal Movement !  " Eaten Back to Life (1990), Butchered at Birth (1991), Tomb of the Mutilated (1992) dan The Bleeding (1994) ", sebagai Band Kesayangan Roster Label Setia Mereka, Metal Blade Records, CC hampir dipastikan setiap Tahunnya selalu merilis Album Terbaru meski masih menyisakan member orisinilnya, Alex Webster ( Bass ) dan Drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz, CC masih terus ingin tampil perkasa bersama perubahan bongkar pasang Formasi Nama2 Populer di Scene Metal ! memang album pertama " Eaten Back to Life " masuk dipasaran Kaset Pita Indonesia beberapa Tahun lalu, namun tidak demikian untuk album ke-2 dan selanjutnya dari CC, karena Indonesia saat itu sendiri pun mengalami Gejala Krisis Moneter yang berdampak juga pada Industri Kaset Musik, sehingga untuk mendapatkan album2 CC gw harus melakukan perburuan dibeberapa Temen luar kota dan akhirnya malah cuman dapat versi Kaset Bootleg-nya dan yang penting gw bisa mendengar karya2 baru CC saat itu hahahaha ....dan sampai akhirnya gw berhasil mendapatkan versi CD-nya setelah membeli harga Bekas dengan harga selangit karena CD ini memang banyak dicari dan sukai, otomatis menaikkan pasarannya, Shit ! Album Ke-4 ini juga dibuatkan sebuah Video Clip untuk lagu " Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead " yang untuk pertama kalinya gw menonton sendiri sebuah Video Clip dari CC saat Rumah Gw memasang Antena Parabola dan bisa menjangkau siaran Channel V dan setiap minggu malam jam 12 menyiarkan program MTV Headbanger Balls ! Ok untuk mengobati Kenangan Paling memorable dengan Rilisan terhebat CC yang semakin dewasa dan mengerikan untuk album " The Bleeding " Hmm....what to say about Cannibal Corpse. Even though they played a crucial role in establishing the death metal genre, they never really were that great at it. Though much of the band displayed a fair degree of technical prowess, they were constantly hindered by a shitty vocalist, repetitive and monotonous song structures, and the lack of memorable riffs. And then come 1994, they give us The Bleeding. Adopting a more acceptable groove death sound (prefered among the 'modern' death acts of the 90's) as opposed to their earlier, grind-ier material, CC exchanged some of their brutality for a lot of much-needed coherency. This is the style of death metal that the band would prove themselves to be most proficient at and it is during this period that they would release their best work. langsung dimulai dengan Track andalan terbaik " Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead " tampil begitu membuat Indera Dengar Metalhead terkesima dengan Progresi permainan yang lebih matang dan mantap !! masih menggandeng Produser dan Enjiner Scott Burn di Morrisound Recording Tampa, FL dari Tanggal 13 November hingga 3 Desember 1993, Scott burn tetap membuat Masterpiece penting sepanjang sejarah Death Metal dan CC sendiri ! permainan Gitaris Jack Owen dan Rob Barrett  yang baru pertama kali bergabung dengan CC memang memberikan sentuhan berarti pada karakteristik CC menjadi lebih Garang ! The Bleeding gets a lot of flak for not being "true" to the Cannibal Corpse formula. What people detect is atmosphere, albeit a gory and disturbing one. Each song is like a soundtrack to a brutal triple homicide rape arson. The real horror, though, here, is the realism. Unlike their cartoonish efforts of the past that they quickly resumed after the induction of Corpsegrinder, these songs have a habit of sounding like real life fucked up shit. The music is twisted and delusional, claustrophobic and violent, much like the brutal crimes depicted in these songs. kekuatan dan Karisma Vokal Chris Barnes memang tetap menjadi Icon Penting CC dengan gaya bernyanyinya yang lebih Deep dibanding pada album pertama dan mulai banyak mengalami perubahan di album " Tomb of the Mutilated " yang sepertinya masih menjadi Karakter Vokal utama dominan beberapa Death Metal generasi selanjutnya. Barnes making a more versatile affair of shredding his vocal chords, and the overall production being given a good deal more depth, there is a clear and precise picture being painted here, and its one of violence with a clear purpose. The provocative levels of gore-informed lyrics ! lalu " Fucked with a Knife ", serangan berdarah selanjutnya tetap menawarkan porsi dasyat dengan konsep Death metal Modern dan cabikan Bass Alex pada part awal diberi kesempatan untuk Memamerkan Cabikan Berdarah 4 Dawai Bass-nya secara Fenomenal. selain Deep growl Konvensional, Barnes juga beberapa kali membalutnya dengan Screamin Insane Vokill yang Menendang ! unintelligible grunts of Tomb of the Mutilated for a more forceful and discernable growl. The upshot of this is that the horrifying content of the lyrics is brutally broadcast into your head, raping your synapses. The lyrics are often written from the point of the various monsters societies have created, such as serial killers, serial rapists, and serial immolation. Barnes does a good job of portraying these people, much like a skilled actor. dan ini nih track paling fenonemal selama gw mengenal CC " Stripped, Raped and Strangled " !!, Apalagi Saat gw melihat salah satu Band Brutal Death Metal terkenal Malang Scene, Rotten Corpse Sangat begitu Prima Meng-cover Track ini ! is a solid tune which exhibits the guitars' flair for wavering patterns that create a tremolo-like effect, a low end trilling morass that always stands out among the palm muting corpsescape. Cannibal were certainly not the first band to practice such a technique, but their constant use of it to craft catchy moments into their songs would translate into a million impersonator bands, who are even today trying to come up with the perfect re-write to this very album !! bagaimana CC membuat Komposisi Musik dengan beberapa Part yang Memorable dan sanggup memancing Adrenalin Metalhead untuk merespon Gila2 an Lagu " Stripped, Raped and Strangled " ini. The mix does not feel so razor fine as the previous album, there is a much more weighted, bludgeoning tone, like the band decided to shift from the chainsaw to the ballpeen hammer as their choice weapon for clobbering fans and foes alike. Barrett and Owen are as tight as a pair of testicles in a vice, and this album is the best yet in terms of its guitar output, with busy, technical rhythms simmering over the low end hammering of Alex Webster, who is arguably the best bass player in death metal. kemudian " Pulverized " semakin menawarkan Fast Part yang memang Membawa sedikit Ingatan gw dengan karakter Malevolent Creation dan Solstice dibawa oleh Rob Barret coba dipadukan dengan karakteristik CC sebenarnya dan jadilah komposisi yang semakin mengerikan lagi ! is frenetic and fun, though it may not leave quite the impression of its fellows, whereas the creeping horror of offers a more memorable distinction. The ability to plod forward while the guitars emit streams of paranoid horror is one of the true core strengths of Cannibal Corpse ! dan part awal " Return to Flesh " masih menjadi Begitu Dominan karakter CC menyerang, is indeed one of the band's best and most underrated songs !!! lalu " The Pick-Axe Murders " boleh jadi adalah Hipnotis selanjutnya dari the Mighty CC, follows with a dense, thrashing rhythm, and when it unleashes into blinding speed over the extended bridge, Barnes alternates between his decent grunt voice and rather annoying snarls. selanjutnya " She Was Asking for It " seperti tiada puasnya CC melakukan pembunuhan berantai berdarahnya, Konvensional Part Riffing pada part awalnya tentunya lagi2 menjadi sebuah Memorable Imej CC. uses a pair of percussive guitar rhythms, one of chords and the other of screaming higher notes, to build a velocity over Webster's pumping, excellent bass line, before the whole track twists into a brickhouse groove in the verse. This is yet another of those great C.C. tracks that you don't hear much about, in particular the excellent breakdown! dan Track " The Bleeding " menjadi Anthemic song selanjutnya bagi CC yang menjadi Ritual wajib bagi CC pada beberapa Penampilan panggung semata2 CC Diehard Freak sangat Terbius dengan Track ini menjadi sosok zombie liar yang melakukan Headbang dibibir panggung. offers charnel grooves and a woven mystique through the subtle lead melodies that hang at the edge of perception, until it explodes with surgical mass genocide through its bridge, a series of curving and eerie palpitations that were sure to please the tech death fan of the day, bagaimana All Metal guitarist pasti akan sangat tertantang untuk mencoba skill riff pada track awal ini.  " Force Fed Broken Glass " semakin lebih menendang dengan Fast energic part-nya. is likewise incredibly, with an intense battery of guitar riffs and basslines that rise above and beyond the call of duty for the average death metal band. The breakdown into the verse loses a little steam, but it is recaptured through the spooked old school death rhythm of the bridge. dan menjadi Akhir pamungkas pembantaian sadis CC dipercayakan pada track " An Experiment in Homicide ", pembunuhan keji masih terus berlangsung membabi buta. sebuah Komposisi yang semakin mengerikan terlahirkan dari Talenta2 berbahaya bereinkarnasi dalam 10 Track berdarah untuk album Terbaik Gw sepanjang masa, " The Bleeding " tetap yang terbaik !! karena memang 10 lagu bermuatan komposisi Fantastis memang terbaik dalam aransemennya. dan album ini memang wajib menjadi referensi penting perkembangan death metal movement ! The Bleeding was the end of an era, and although it was the swan song for Barnes, he left us with a positive impression here (though the snarls could be weak at times). It is a credit to this album that, despite its age, it still sounds fresh and inventive even by 2010 standards, and that's having been copied a countless number of times. The formula worked, and it's the same formula Cannibal Corpse is still using today: tight, technical songs that balance a mosh pit aesthetic with blistering spurts of jugular blood, delivered through a near endless reservoir of memorable riffs. I actually enjoy this album more today than I did when it released, though there are 2-3 songs here that I could live without and so it's a ways from perfect. As the best Chris Barnes fronted death metal album in history, it deserves a listen and a spot on the meat rack of any young masochist. So how is this album overall? Well, it clearly states in the rules of metal that metal songs must have riffs. And here, we have riffs. Memorable riffs, catchy riffs, fun to play riffs; but also, we have the obligatory boring, forgetful riffs. It seems that this album is somewhat of a weighing scale. For every crap thing that goes off, we have a great riff. While I will always be preferential to the conservative thrash tendencies of "Eaten Back To Life", this is very easily Cannibal Corpse's 2nd best offering, and probably the most recommended amongst younger death metal fans who know the band through their current line up. It's varied and technical enough to placate the rabid fervor for more notes jammed into every single second of sonic mayhem, yet still very much in the consistent grain that the band is known for. But more so than anything else, it knows when to keep things brief and to the point. BUY OR DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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