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BLOOD EAGLE Rilis Video " Kill Your Tyrants "

"Kill Your Tyrants", akan menjadi Video pertama untuk BLOOD EAGLE, Danish death metal band yang menampilkan member dari band VOLBEAT, MNEMIC, HATESPHERE, ILLDISPOSED dan RAUNCHY.

Komentar Band "As you can see and hear, [the video is] straight to the point! The song it self is more punk-ish than the rest of our material, and that's only because we won't stick to just one template when writing music — but we will always make sure to include some grind for you!"

BLOOD EAGLE Menggarap Materi lagunya bersama Produser serta sahabat terbaik Tue Madsen ( sukses menggarap materinya THE HAUNTED, BEHEMOTH, DARK TRANQUILLITY) di Antfarm Studios di Aarhus, Denmark.


Michael Olsson: Vocals
Mircea Gabriel Eftemie (MNEMIC) - Guitar
Franz Hellboss (ex-VOLBEAT, ILLDISPOSED) - Guitar
Mikael Ehlert (ex-HATESPHERE) - Bass
Morten Toft Hansen (ex-HATESPHERE, RAUNCHY) - Drums

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