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Penjualan Minggu pertama " Resistance " WINDS OF PLAGUE !!

Album Full Ke-4 Southern California Blackened Deathcore WINDS OF PLAGUE "Resistance", di Minggu pertama sejak Perilisannya telah menembus angka 2,800 copi Di Amrik di Minggu Pertamanya menduduki peringkat 165 di Billboard 200 chart sejak dirilis pada 29 October via Century Media Records, CD yang digarap dengan Produser Will Putney, yang sebelumnya sukses menggarap albumnya SHADOWS FALL, SUICIDE SILENCE, dan masih banyak lagi.

Album Ke-3 WINDS OF PLAGUE Tahun 2011 "Against The World", juga terjual 8,700 copi di Amrik pada minggu pertama terus nangkring di posisi 60 Billboard 200 chart.

"We wrote and recorded our fourth full-length record in late 2012," the band told in a statement. "For various reasons, we decided to wait until late 2013 to release it, not the least of which was to ensure that we had given enough time to listen to, analyze and absorb the record for ourselves. It was an extremely odd way to go about preparing for a record release, but it allowed us to be 100 percent certain that this was the record that best represented what we have become as a band.

"It's definitely a cliche these days, but after a year of listening to the record and anticipating it's release, I can say with complete honesty that this is the best WINDS OF PLAGUE record to date.

"We are confident that old fans will be able to really dig into the new record and we're hopeful that new listeners can find this record and see something in WINDS OF PLAGUE that is new and fresh.

"Thank you to everyone that has stuck with us and been patient while we prepared to release this record, we are extremely grateful. We hope that everyone who listens to it finds something they enjoy, and we look forward to seeing new and old fans on the road in the coming months."

"Resistance" track listing:

01. Open The Gates
02. Say Hello To The Undertaker
03. Sewer Mouth
04. Left For Dead
05. One Foot In The Grave
06. Time To Reap
07. United Through Hatred
08. Good Ol' Fashion Bloodbath
09. No Man Is My Master
10. Snake Eyes
11. Looking For A Better Day

WINDS OF PLAGUE last year parted ways with drummer Art Cruz due to creative differences. Sitting behind the kit during the studio sessions for the new album was Brandon Gallindo (ex-DEAD IN EXISTENCE).

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