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Earth Crisis - Salvation Of Innocents 2014

Earth Crisis - Salvation Of Innocents 2014

Earth Crisis - Salvation Of Innocents
Candlelight Records CD 2014

01 De-Desensitize 3:17
02 Out Of The Cages 2:30
03 Shiver 3:41
04 The Morbid Glare 2:11
05 Razors Through Flesh 2:41
06 Depraved Indifference 2:45
07 No Reason 2:40
08 The Pallid Surgeon 2:28
09 Devoted To Death 3:12
10 Into Nothingness 2:48
11 Tentacles Of The Altering Eye 2:35
12 Final Breath 4:06

Karl Buechner - Vocals
Scott Crouse - Guitar
Ian "Bulldog" Edwards - Bass
Dennis Merrick - Drums
Erick Edwards - Guitar

Syracuse, New York supporting animal rights, promoting a straight edge and vegan lifestyle Metal Hardcore Populer EARTH CRISIS Has Back !!! Salah satu Pengusung Genre Metalcore Penting dalam Sejarah perkembangannya ini sudah terkenal diera-nya saat mereka merilis Album pertama " Destroy the Machines " Tahun 1995 yang kemudian disusul tahun 1996 dengan " Gomorrah's Season Ends " bersama Label Victory Records yang era 90-an Notabene menjadi label Metal Hardcore serius yang Sangat Populer dengan band serta Rilisannya. Tahun 1998 Band ini digaet Oleh Roadrunner Records untuk Album Ke-3 " Breed The Killer " yang menambah Populeritas mereka dan menjadi Kesan Sell Out dari beberapa Editor Media, tapi akhirnya Earth Crisis Kembali Ke Victory Records untuk 2 album Selanjutnya " Slither " (2000) dan " Last of the Sane " (2001) Meskipun Gaung Nama Mereka tidak begitu menjulang kepermukaan seperti halnya album " Breed The Killer ", Namun Idealisme mereka lebih terasa jauh tenang yang kemudian Earth Crisis Memutuskan Untuk Membubarkan diri Pasca Album " Last of the Sane ", sebuah keputusan yang Memilukan saat itu dimana Scene Hardcore Internasional harus kehilangan salah satu Pioner pentingnya. dan Akhirnya Khabar tersiar jika Band ini tahun 2007 memutuskan untuk Reunian dan Menjalani Rangkaian Tour panjangnya ( Termasuk Tampil perdana di Event Akbar Maryland Metal dan Hardcore Festival )sehingga akhirnya mereka dipertemukan dengan Century Media untuk album kembalinya mereka " To the Death " Tahun 2009 dan kemudian disusul oleh " Neutralize the Threat " tahun 2011. Setelah Menjalani Rangkaian Tour Panjang dan Menulis materi Baru, Akhirnya Band ini Malah di Gaet Oleh Candlelight Records yang menjadi lebih terbuka untuk semua Genre Metal saat ini. Masih garang dimotori Oleh Frontman Vokalis Karl Buechner yang membentuk Band ini sejak Tahun 1990-an tetap Kritis dengan Lirik2 bernuansa Straight Edge dan Vegan Lifestyle termasuk Perlindungan terhadap Binatang. Karl Buechner pasca Bubarnya Earth Crisis Awal tetap eksis ngeband dengan membentuk Freya dan pernah bermain di Path of Resistance. Materi " Salvation Of Innocents " ini masih tetap kental mengusung Metal Hardcore mereka era " To the Death " dan " Neutralize the Threat " dengan sentuhan Progres Bermusik yang lebih Easy Listening Sejak Materi " Breed The Killer ", Konsep Earth Crisis Tidak lagi seperti 2 Album Sangar mereka sebelumnya. Meski Simple Made Easy Listening, Hentakan Groove dan Sound Metal yang kental tetap tidak tergantikan. Sehingga Dikhabarkan konsep seperti ini menginspirasi band seperti Hatebreed Populer mengembangkannya. Salvation Of Innocents akan lebih mengajak kita hanyut dalam setiap lick Headbanging dan Rude Liar di Moshpit Area. Sejak Track Pertama " De-Desensitize ", Karl Buechner Cs ini langsung membungkam dan membakar Moshpit area dengan Hentakan Metallic Hardcore yang Agresif dan sing A Long tentunya ! is a call for rational human conduct. There is still plenty of groove in the bands sound as well, sure to get arms whirling and heads nodding in zero seconds. Man, Ian Edwards’ basslines are probably the best part of this disc. Damn.Shit is rad. Adrenaline overdose! when a younger guy mentioned to an older dude that things were different “in his day”, the older character responded that “it still is my day.” Likewise, Earth Crisis are very much still alive and kicking. " Out Of The Cages " seperti semakin membakar Adrenalin tetap pada pukulan yang Intens dengan Struktur musik yang Konvensional tetap membawa pengaruh kuat materi " Gomorrah's Season Ends ", shows the group is still socially engaged, like that is a shock from Earth Crisis. But yeah, it is a relief to know some people still give a shit when most bands would rather wallow in impotent escapism instead of tackling real issues. Seperti sudah Menyimpan materi Matang dan Renyah, Earth Crisis Disini tetap tampil Total dengan Eksistensi dan Idealisme mereka yang mendarah daging sejak tahun 1990 meski Perkembangan musik semakin Pesat berubah. Menggandeng Produser dan Enjiner terkenal Chris "Zeuss" Harris menjadi Tujuan tetap Band ini sejak materi sebelumnya, mengingat beberapa band sejenis sudah ditangani-nya dengan hasil yang luar biasa pula. Gw Yakin Fans Fanatik Earth Crisis Masih akan sangat menyukai Materi Earth Crisis di Album Gress yang Cover artworknya berasal dari Buku Komik " Liberator " Karya illustrator/painter Menton3, yang dirinya adalah salah satu Fans Berat Earth Crisis sendiri, " Our styles, ethics, and ideologies are a fitting match and I'm super excited for folks to read the story." Earth Crisis Fans Wait For to Get This Masterpiece Now ???

Syracuse , New York supporting animal rights , promoting a straight edge and vegan lifestyle Popular Metal Hardcore EARTH CRISIS Has Back ! ! ! One Bearers Genre Metalcore is important in the history of its development is already well-known era of the time they released the first album " Destroy the Machines " of 1995 which was followed in 1996 with " Gomorrah 's Season Ends " with label Victory Records 90s Unsurprisingly be labeled serious Hardcore Metal Very Popular with the band and their releases . The band 1998 digaet By Roadrunner Records for the 3rd album ' Breed The Killer " which adds to their Populeritas impression Sell Out , and became editor of several media , but ultimately Earth Crisis Back to Victory Records for two albums then " Slither " ( 2000) and " Last of the Sane " ( 2001 ) Although Echoes Name they are not so towering surface as well as the album " Breed the Killer " , but their idealism was far more quiet then Earth Crisis decided to disband the Post album " Last of the Sane " , a heartbreaking decision at the time where the International Hardcore Scene loosing one of Pioneer importance . and finally broke Khabar if this band in 2007 and decided to Undergo Held Reunion Tour circuit length ( Including Event Premiering in Maryland Metal and Hardcore Akbar Festival ) so that they eventually reunited with Century Media for their comeback album " To the Death " in 2009 and then followed by " Neutralize the Threat " in 2011 . Upon Undergoing Long Tour circuit and writing new material , the band finally in fact Attract by Candlelight Records are becoming more open to all types of metal today . Still fiercely driven Frontman vocalist Karl Buechner By that formed this band since the 1990s remains critical with nuanced lirik2 Straight Edge and Vegan Lifestyle Protection of Animals included . Karl Buechner Earth Crisis Early post unraveling exist forming the band with Freya and never played in the Path of Resistance . Material " Salvation Of Innocents " is still strong carry their Hardcore Metal era " To the Death " and " Neutralize the Threat " with a touch of musical progress more Easy Listening Since Matter " Breed The Killer " , Concepts Earth Crisis No longer like 2 Albums sangar them before. Although Simple Made Easy Listening , buffeting and Sound Groove Metal lumpy remains irreplaceable . So Dikhabarkan concept is inspired bands such as Hatebreed Popular expanding it . Salvation Of Innocents will be taking us to drift in every lick Headbanging and Rude Wild at moshpit area . Since First Track " De - Desensitize " , Karl Buechner Cs is immediately silenced and burn moshpit area with the beat Metallic Hardcore Aggressive and sing A Long course ! is a call for rational human conduct . There is still plenty of groove in the bands sound as well , sure to get heads nodding and arms whirling in zero seconds . Man , Ian Edwards ' basslines are probably the best part of this disc . Damn.Shit is rad . Adrenaline overdose ! Mentioned when a younger guy to an older dude that Things were different " in his day" , the older character RESPONDED that " it still is my day . " Likewise , Earth Crisis are very much still alive and kicking . " Out Of The Cages " as more and keep the adrenaline burning blow Intense with conventional musical structure still carries strong influence of matter " Gomorrah 's Season Ends " , shows the group is still socially engaged , like that is a shock from Earth Crisis . But yeah , it is a relief to know some people still give a shit when most bands would rather impotent Wallow in escapism instead of tackling the real issues . As Storing material Matang and Crisp , Earth Crisis Here still appear total with existence and their idealism ingrained since 1990 despite the development of increasingly Rapidly changing music . Holding a well-known producer and Engineer Chris " Zeuss " Harris became permanent band The aim of this since the previous material , given some similar bands already handled it with amazing results anyway . Sure Gw Earth Crisis Still Fanatical Fans will just love Earth Crisis material in the Gress Album Cover artworknya comes from Comic Book " Liberator " The work of illustrator / painter Menton3 , who himself was one of their own fans Heavy Earth Crisis , " Our styles , ethics , and ideologies are a fitting match and I'm super excited for folks to read the story . " Earth Crisis Fans Wait For Now to Get This Masterpiece ? ? ?

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