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Pasukan Penjagal Buas nan Kejam Terbaik Bandung Area, DIGGING UP telah Menyelesaikan Penantian Panjang Mereka untuk Ejakulasi Brutalisme Biadab Mereka " Disseminated Inapparent Infection " Via Disembowel Records, Siap memenggal Leher kalian Pecinta Style Spektakuler Irama Cadas yang Meledak-ledak PLUS tidak Mengenal Ampun !!! HIGH RECOMMENDED FOR FANS HYPERBLASTER GUTTURAL PUTREFACTION In The Vein Guttural Secrete, Cinerary atau Disgorge ! Inilah Ancaman Serius yang harus segera kalian Koleksi !

Highly Anticipated Debut Album of the year finally drops

Band: Digging Up
Title: Disseminated Inapparent Infection
Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Catalog Number: DR019
Format: Compact Disc
Style: Brutal Death Metal

Track Listing

1. Savoring Veronica In My Vein
2. Extortion Of Fate Disenchanment
3. Genitalia Venerable Of Whore
4. Imprecated Ritual Killing
5. Lymphocytic Serum Visions
6. Praise Pentagon Of Veronism
7. Disseminated Inapparent Infection
8. Vomited Infection Of Corpse
9. Pathetic Unidentified Obsession (Jasad Cover)

Total playing time: 36:39

Points of interest:
  • The Band has a huge Underground buzz from their single in 2006
  • The Most Awaited Debut album since 8 years ago
  • Professional CD & full colour booklet with 12 pages
  • The vocals are Matti Way's vocal style
  • Loaded with the merciless brutal music as well
  • This release will stand by itself as one of the most impressive debut releases EVER

Check Sample Tracknya di :

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