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GOD DETHRONED siap menggarap Album Barunya !

GOD DETHRONED siap menggarap Album Barunya !

Setelah melakukan reunian ke-3 kalinya di Event 70,000 Tons Of Metal Tahun 2014, Blackened Death Metal terbaik Netherland, GOD DETHRONED mengumumkan penggarapan album barunya lewat posting statement resmi band :

"Dear unholy friends of God Dethroned,

"It's been something like 5 years since we last wrote a God Dethroned song. Maybe some of you wondered if we still have it in us to write new stuff again and the answer is definitely yes, we do!

"The first riffs have been written and the inspiration is there to write a lot more. You know we never write the same album twice and also this time there won't be an exception to this rule.

"I'm not gonna tell you yet what you can expect, it's even a bit too early for us to say what will be the outcome, but we're trying something completely different this time around.

"This will be the third and final chapter about World War One and we're hoping to have the recordings finished before year end.

"We'll keep you posted about the process, but most of all, we'd like to see you at one (or more) of the upcoming shows this season!"

GOD DETHRONED sendiri saat ini hanya menyisakan 2 member asli tersisa : Gitaris/Vokalis, Henri Sattler (Winter of Sin, Dictated (live), ex-Soulburn, ex-Lords of the Stone, ex-Ministry of Terror, ex-To The Gallows) dan Drummer Michiel van der Plicht (Winter of Sin, Dictated (live), ex-Detonation, ex-Prostitute Disfigurement, ex-As It Burns (live), ex-Katafalk, ex-Toxocara, ex-Travelers in Time) yang kini menggunakan Session bassis Jeroen Pomper (ex-Absorbed, ex-The 8th Sin, ex-Icons of Brutality, ex-Chaos Rising)

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