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Internasional BDM Band, MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY (MOM) mempersiapkan kembali debut album kejam ke-2 nya " Unterweger " via Transcending Obscurity Records pada 12 November 2021. band yang mempertemukan musisi antar Negara yang dikomandani oleh Frontman vocalis George Wilfinger, menampilkan Drummer Cédric Malebolgia-nya Putridity (Italy) yang menggantikan Romain Goulon, Gitaris Shoi Sen-nya De Profundis, Bassis Samir Terrack dan gitaris Joe Gatsch. bersepakat mengusung gaya BDM Barbar perpaduan antara style Gorgasm, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Devourment, Deeds of Flesh, serta Benighted. their sound is more powerful and well-rounded than ever before. Despite being incredibly heavy, there is more to their music than the body would suggest - the songwriting is intricate and layered, with there being several patterns that would belie the sheer heft of their music.

This is brutal death metal that's not only devastatingly heavy, fast and crushing, but also has songwriting that attempts to transcend the brutality and keep things interesting, varied and engaging throughout. With 'Unterweger' being a concept album based on the shocking life of the transatlantic serial killer Jack Unterweger, it's all the more effective as the band's able to convey the horror in their own palpable, hard-hitting and memorable manner.

Monument Of Misanthropy - Unterweger Track list

01. The Mysterious Hollywood Hat-Trick (feat. Julien Truchan)
02. The Strangulation Of Silvia Zagler
03. Tales From The Vienna Woods
04. Exceptionally Sadistic
05. A Man With A Special Qualification
06. Demon Of Graz
07. The Strangulation Of Blanka Bockova
08. Midnight
09. Miami Vice - Miami Gold (feat. Sven De Caluwe)
10. The Legacy Of A Malignant Monster
11. A Cleansing Storm
12. Fall From Grace

George "Misanthrope" Wilfinger - Vocals
Shoi Sen - Guitars
Joe Gatsch - Guitars
Sam Terrak - Bass
Cédric Malebolgia - Drums

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